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When learning about kitchen design layout Fort Worth TX kitchen remodelers can help. Since most people believe in the traditional “work triangle” that keeps the sink, range and refrigerator in certain spaces. While this is still a good idea, in theory, it doesn’t always work for some homes and kitchen styles.

When you are redesigning your kitchen layout, you get to decide what the layout looks like. A good designer will help you to work within the confines of your home and create a work zone for you. If you have a traditional kitchen, you may want to work with that triangle, but you don’t always have to do that. Instead, you can break out of the kitchen design layouts of the past and try something new.

Some kitchen design layouts are more popular than others, it just depends on where you live, what style home you have, and even how you cook. Someone who cooks every night needs a different style than someone who cooks only a few times a week or on weekends only.

Basic Kitchen Design Layout Fort Worth TX

Pullman Kitchens: Sometimes called a one-wall kitchen, these are the best kitchen design layouts for smaller spaces. It takes your cabinets and appliances and fix them onto a single wall. For spaces that are a bit bigger, they can also include an island to make your kitchen in the next layout, which is a Galley style.

Galley: For smaller spaces, the galley kitchen has become extremely popular. Sometimes called a “walk through” kitchen, this type of kitchen design layout is characterized by two parallel walls with a walkway between them. This is the type of kitchen that uses every inch available, making some interesting and unique design choices.

L-Shaped Kitchens: If you have a small to mid size space, L-shaped kitchens are key. They allow you to have that galley feel for most of your space, but there is less traffic and fewer traffic jams when two people are working. The longer part of the L typically ranges between 12-15 feet in mid-sized homes but can be smaller if efficiently used. You can add an island to this type of kitchen design, instantly adding more working or eating space.

Most designers will tell you to avoid this shape kitchen if you have a larger home because there are better ways to use the space.

Horseshoe: This is a U-shaped kitchen that has three walls of appliances and/or cabinetry. This design has evolved over the years and it works extremely well if you have a family that likes to cook all at the same time or you enjoy having parties. You’ll get a lot of space and it is difficult to create a traffic jam unless you have a hoard of people.

Islands in Kitchen Design Layout Fort Worth TX

Kitchen islands are a great way to add more workspace to a kitchen that has quite a bit of floorspace. It can even add seating instead of a kitchen table if you like the dual appeal. For kitchen design layouts, an island has to be included in the original plan because the island can contain some of your storage, a refrigerator drawer, or even house another sink.

However, the best design companies will tell you that a kitchen isn’t ideal for all kitchen layouts. In fact, it can be a hindrance in some kitchen styles.

Kitchen Design Layout Fort Worth TX : Working with a Team to Design Your Kitchen

When you decide to renovate or update your kitchen, you will likely work with a team that can help you stay on track to get the kitchen of your dreams. They will recommend a certain type of kitchen for you, and it may be a different one that you anticipated. The best kitchen design layouts will be surprising, but they will make total sense when you see them.

The contractor and/or builder should provide you with a mock-up or blueprint of the design so that you can make any changes and decide if that is what you really want. Note that your kitchen will probably look different that you’re imagining it, but it is a good idea to go off of this blueprint. You’ll be able to personalize it with your own touches and in selecting materials.

Don’t be afraid to try something new or exciting, especially if you go with an established team of designers. They understand what works and what doesn’t in homes of all sizes and shapes. To get that professional touch, call Kitchen Remodeling Fort Worth TX  today at (817) 489-9560 for a free initial consultation.

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