Custom kitchens are a dream to own. They are designed with your needs and specifications in mind, giving you the freedom to create a space thats perfect for how you use it. Whether you need a wide-open space crafted for entertaining, specialty items brought in to suit the unique footprint of the room, or have always aspired to have your very own professional-grade equipment fit for a chef, the right team can bring your ideas to life in a matter of weeks.

Custom Kitchens Fort Worth TX : Cabinet Upgrades

One of the most common customizations is cabinets, and there are a couple levels to choose from.

Standard: Standard cabinets are mass-manufactured and are created in predetermined sizes and finishes. While you are locked into a specific design with them, they are an affordable way to do an update.

Semi-Custom: With semi-custom cabinets, you can often mix and match pieces, select different faces, or choose other minor customizations. Theyre a good choice if you want something that doesnt look like a stock piece, but dont need full customization.

Custom: Custom cabinets are totally built for you. This may be done in a factory, local shop, or right in your home. Theyre the ideal choice if you have a special shape to the room, want a unique look, or want something thats totally designed for your needs and wishes.

Island Installation

Islands can add a great degree of versatility to the space. While theres the obvious benefit of extra storage below, so much more can be done than having a basic countertop finishing it off.

Seating: Consider raising one side to accommodate bar stools. They work well for kids having snacks and doing homework and are ideal if you entertain and people like to gather while you prep.

Sink: If doing a complete remodel, positioning the sink in the island is generally a straightforward task. This may allow you to face outward and chat with others while you clean or free up counter space throughout the room. Your dishwasher can also be installed in the island too, making cleanup a breeze.

Oven: If you love to cook, but hate being confined to a wall while you work, positioning the oven in the island may be ideal for you.

Bar: Those who entertain a lot will appreciate having a simple bar setup in their islands. Add a wine refrigerator and some chilled drawers for garnishes.

Custom Kitchen Lighting

Another key feature of custom kitchens is having the right lighting. Whether that means having items specially created for the space or building in more stylish or premium options, quality fixtures are certain to pull the space together. Ask your contractor about lighting that fits with the architecture and other design elements.

  • Traditional
  • Rustic
  • Tropical
  • Mediterranean
  • Transitional
  • Wrought Iron
  • And More

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